Dear Friends of Schmidt-Schule,

Welcome to our brand new homepage! As you can see, many things have changed and we are working hard on it to keep it updated for your convenience. Some of the sites are still “under construction” but we will do our homework as soon as possible to complete all missing information. Also the translation into Arabic will follow! We spent a lot of time on it and we hope that you all will enjoy the new homepage. Still it would be great if you could give us a feedback how we can do things even better!

As the new appointed headmaster of “Schmidt’s” I would like to introduce myself briefly: Originally being a college teacher of German Language and social sciences I was already working abroad twice before I moved to Cologne a few years ago working for the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad. That`s why I already know the Schmidt-Schule for a long time and I was delighted when the opportunity arose to work at this prestigious institution in Jerusalem.
In addition to a very dedicated staff and school board as well as great students I have already had encounters with many parents. I had many fruitful, imaginative and constructive discussions on how Schmidt-Schule should develop in the near future. For this I sincerely like to thank you and I’m looking forward to further discussions with the parents.

Please share some ideas about the future of Schmidt-Schule with me: We all live in an increasingly globalized world. This fact also poses special challenges to our school, located in the heart of Jerusalem.
Nowadays, it is no longer possible to invent a national education system as an island, isolated from this global tendency. International educational standards are becoming increasingly important worldwide. It will therefore be important that Schmidt’s school will adapt to this international educational standards in the next few years. The common objective will always be to provide the best education to our girls, especially in a more globalized world.
I strongly believe that with our two branches, the Tawjihi and the German International Abitur, we are well prepared to meet these challenges. However, going more international involves also some risks: the loss of identity. But I think that we are very well prepared to cope with these risks, especially at our dearSchmidt’s school with its long tradition of first class education. It will even be more important to be conscious at school of our special identity and values as a Christian girls’ school in the heart of Jerusalem.

As you may have noticed, we have already taken some steps to work on that future challenges.
During this summer some administrative offices were created. Sr. Ecaterina Ciobanu CJ is doing a wonderful job as our new head of administration. And we have also spent some funds for renewing our educational infrastructure, such as you can see in the classrooms of our first graders. I don’t want to promise you too much, but I am very confident that this will only be "the beginning". We are planning to renew Schmidt’s school in the coming years where ever necessary. Let’s be surprised!
This will take some time and it will need active participation of the entire school community: the colleagues, the students, the board, but also the parents in particular. I am firmly convinced that a sustainable school development is only possible if the entire school community is involved in this ongoing school development process. This might cost some time and some commitment, but I think that in terms of our students it is worth it.
Therefore, I would like to encourage all of you to participate in this process.

I’m looking forward to work with you at “Schmidt’s”,

Sincerely yours

Rüdiger Hocke

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