German Language Diploma (DSD I) (18.10.14)


Dear friends of Schmid-Schule,

yesterday 58 (!) students of Schmidt-Schule received their German Language Diploma (DSD I) certificates. The DSD is an international accredited language certificate (Level I and II) under the auspices of the "The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany"

The certificates were handed over by a Representative of the German Representative Office in Ramallah, Mrs. Busch. The little ceremony in the hall was also attended by the General Secretary of the German Holy Land Association (DVHL), Mr. Thiel, from Cologne and the Representative of the Central Agency of German School Abroad (ZfA), Mr. Stolze, in Bonn. They all pointed out how deeply impressed they are all by the German language skills of our students. And the certificates are the proof...
Mabruk to all our students!





Information (14.10.2014)


Dear parents and students,

finally we have released our Student-Parent-Handbook (in Arabic and German/English). All parents will receive a link for downloading the document via the newsletter and in addition in a parents letter. It`s 51 pages full of hopefully helpfull information about Schmidt`s. We hope that you will all appreciate the handbook and please make sure that you have downloaded a copy.

With best regards,



Important information



Please see below the  schedules for the classes 1-12  for your interest:


Schedule 1-12


After School Activity (ASA)


First semester 2014/15:

We tried to offer a rich choice of different courses in the fields of sports, education and culture to our students according to their different interests.


After School Activity Booklet


Yearbook 2014


  • 124 pages full of events, activities, projects etc.
  • covering the previous school year 2013/14


Have a look at it and enjoy!


For any questions, ask Mrs. Muna ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).





We are all celebrating the end of the war in Gaza. We all hope that it will last. Nevertheless we take the security issue at Schmidt`s very serious. During the first school week all classteachers will guide the classes one by one to the designated shelter rooms. We won`t undertake a security drill for the entire school at the same time. This might be too scary wise especially for the little ones. The class teacher will make the classes familiar with the shelter places in order to let them feel safe at Schmidt`s.  We can assure you: Schmidt`s is a safe place for all students. There are enough shelter rooms for all students at school and in the Paulushaus. Later in the school year we will execute also security drills for fire and earthquakes.


We expect the students coming to school full of emotions. All classteachers will deal with it in certain ways that depends on the age of the students.


In order to limit and secure access to school we will open only the upper door on Nablusroad. Still the road is not finished yet totally. However there is no heavy truck movement any more, the sidewalks are already finished and much broader than before and Nablusroad opposite Schmidt`s is already a pedestrian zone.

Still if there is a need we will adjust any time our securty measures.



New Labs/Elementary School Library


We are happy to announce that during the summer break all containers for the labs have been delivered. Still it needs some more time to get all the labs ready for use. Nevertheless the colleagues teaching natural sciences are eager to work with the students in the new labs.

We also renewed our Elementary School Library. Still the collegues are furnishing the brand new library. It will be ready mid of October for the students. From grade 2 to 6 each Arabic, English and German teacher will enter the library with her class for at least one lesson per week. In order not to lose too many lesson for each subject the teacher will rotate each week. Hence it`s guaranteed that each student will spend at least one lesson per week in the library in order to get more familiar with books, reading and so on. In addition the students will be able to enter the library also after the lessons.



Payments/Book providing


First of all we`d like to thank all parents for their cooperation during the past weeks. It turned out that the new system is much more convenient for the parents and for administration. We really appreciated your support!

Those (few) parents who haven´t paid yet please notice that on coming Saturday payments should not be done before 8.30 am due to the heavy workload on the first school day. Thanks for your understanding.



"New subjects" offered:


  • "Music'' for Tawjihi-Stream from 7th to 10th grade

  • "Critical Thinking" for Tawjihi-Stream from 7th to 11th grade


We are sure that both subjects fit into our vision that Schmidt`s girls do not only achieve excellent academic skills. They also evolve at Schmidt`s into unique personalities and chararacters.




Project: "Donations for Gaza''


  • Support for the people in Gaza in this disastrous situation

  • We want to help all together as a strong community at Schmidt's!




School fees 2014/15


School Fees 2014_15


We had to increase the school fees insignificantly due to the average increase of living costs. We kindly ask for your understanding.









القدس في 19/6/2014


حضرة اولياء امور الطالبات الكرام،

نشكركم في نهاية العام الدراسي 2013/2014، ونثمن تعاونكم ونرجو أن يستمر هذا التواصل والتعاون في السنوات الدراسية القادمة انشاءلله ونتمنى لطالباتنا العزيزات قضاء إجازة سعيدة في كنفكم.

ونحن من جهتنا نسعى دوما ونعمل جاهدين من أجل توفير الراحة لكم ولطالباتنا العزيزات لذلك نود أن نحيطكم علما بأننا أجرينا بعض التعديلات الخاصة ببيع الكتب لجميع المراحل الدراسية للعام القادم  2014/2015 حيث ستجري عملية بيع الكتب وفقا للترتيبات التالية:

1-   سوف يتم وضع لائحة خاصة بأسماء الكتب الدراسية للعام الدراسي القادم وأسعارها لكل صف وذلك على الموقع الخاص بالمدرسة أو سيتم إرسالها للأهالي الكرام عبر البريد الالكتروني.

2-    نرجو من حضرتكم دفع القسط الأول وثمن الكتب المطلوبة واستلام الوصل الخاص بالدفع في الفترة الواقعة بين 20 و25/8/2014 في مكتب المحاسبة في الإدارة  من الساعة التاسعة صباحا ختى الساعة الثالثة بعد الظهر.

3-   يتم تسليم الكتب المطلوبة للطالبات بعد إبراز الوصل الخاص  بالدفع  يوم الاربعاء الموافق 27/8/2014 ونلفت نظركم بأنه لا يوجد إمكانية  للدفع في هذا اليوم لذلك نرجو من حضرتكم التعاون وعدم الإحراج  مع الشكر الجزيل.

يبدأ  الدوام الرسمي للعام الدراسي القادم يوم السبت الموافق 30/8/2014 ، أما فلذات أكبادكم طالبات الصف الأول الأساسي فسوف نستقبلهم يوم الثلاثاء  الموافق 2 /9/2014.


أما بالنسبة لامتحانات الإكمال لهذا العام فسوف تعقد يوم الخميس الموافق 26/6/2014.

وفيما يتعلق بالزي المدرسي والالتزام بالنظام  للعام الدراسي القادم فيرجى التاكد من التخلص من صباغة الشعر قبل بداية العام الدراسي، كما نرجو الانتباه الى عدم استخدام أكثر من حلق واستخدام  حلق مناسب للمدرسة. أما فيما يتعلق بالحذاء الخاص بالمدرسة فيجب أن يكون أسود اللون ولائقا طبيا، لذلك يجب عدم استخدام الاحذية الخفيفة (بالرينا) الغير صحية. وبالنسبة للحذاء الخاص بحصة الرياضة فيجب ان يكونأبيض اللون فقط  ومناسب للممارسة التمارين الرياضية وليس من باب الاهتمام بالمظهر الخارجي لذلك يمنع ان يكون من ماركة (All Star)

ولكم منا فائق التقدير والاحترام








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