Information (25.03.15)



Please see below some information regarding the fieldtrips tomorrow:


               Grade 7B and 8B

Leaving the school at 8 am

       Returning back at 5:00 pm


       Grade 7A , 9B

Leaving the school at 8:00

Returning back at 5:00 pm


Grade  2, 3

Leaving the school at 8:30 am

Returning back at 4:00pm


·      Grade 10 A&B , 11 A&B&S ,

Leaving the school at 2:30 pm on Wednesday the 25 th.

Returning back at 6:00 pm on Thursday, 26th


Grade 1,

Leaving the school at 8:00 am

Returning back at 4:30


·      Grade 4 A &B

Leaving the school at 8:00

Returning back at 6:00 pm


       Grade  5A&B  , 6A&B

Leaving the school at 8 : 30 am

Returning back at 5 :00 pm


·      Grade 8A , 9A 

Leaving the school at 8:00

Returning back at 5:00 pm


With best regards,




Gentle Reminder: (25.03.15)


This is a gentle reminder for the coming event - our Alumni gathering at Schmidt-Schule. Already 150 have registered - let`s work on the 300...


Dear Alumni, parents, students and friends of Schmidt-Schule,

Let me introduce myself briefly: Since 2012 I`m the headmaster of Schmidt-Schule and since then we were unfortunately only occasionally in touch with our graduates. We know that having you as graduates is a gift for Schmidt`s. All of you took over a leading role in society, business, politics, education and even most important in your family. Worldwide. You practice the values that Schmidt's has taught you and in which we still believe in. You are a part of the Schmidt`s history, you shaped the special Schmidt`s identity and hence you are a representative of Schmidt`s no matter wherever you are and what you are.

Since a couple of years we are working now intensively on our school development program in order to become the leading Christian Palestinian-German School that matches all international standards in the field of education. And I dare say we did a great step forward in order to achieve this objective. One field where we still have to excel is our cooperation with our graduates. Since I stepped into office we never had the chance to meet all together. We want to show you our appreciation and we want to strengthen the ties between the entire Schmidt`s family: the graduates, the teachers, the current students, the parents.

That`s the purpose of the coming gathering: to sit, talk, eat,drink and learn more about Schmidt-Schule nowadays and enjoy the afternoon as a community.
I´m sure many of you haven`t met personally for a long time. This is the right chance to meet with old friends or your former teachers.


The Schmidt`s Graduate Meeting will take place on 28th of March 2015, from 3pm till 6pm.


Please register in the form: Registration Form


It`s our objective to have at least 300 graduates on this occasion. I believe that the Schmidt`s Community is a very strong one and we will achieve this objective. So please forward the link below to all your former classmates or Schmidt`s graduates that you are in touch with or put it on your facebook-account if you like.


With best regards,

Rüdiger Hocke